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How to Use Whiteboards and Pin Boards to Get More Organized around the House

If you and your family seem to be disorganized and never on the same page when it comes to keeping track of schedules and chores, or if certain rooms seem to be disorganized and messy, you may only need to invest in some whiteboards and pin boards to solve this problem. You may only think of whiteboards and pin boards as being used in offices, but they can also help you out around the house. Note a few tips on how to make them work for you.

1. Daily tasks

Because a whiteboard is meant to be easy to erase, you can use it for daily tasks and other such lists. Write out everyone's chores for the day or what you want to accomplish and erase it when each task is done. If it's still on the board then you know it's still undone, and having a list right in front of you can make it easier to plan your schedule since nothing will be forgotten. You can also monitor your child's activities for the day; if their chores are still on the board, you may need to turn off the TV and get them to work so everything is done by day's end.

2. Organizing desks

If papers and other items tend to get lost on a messy desk, you can use a pin board to keep things organized. If you have bills to mail out, pin them to the board so they're in plain sight and you don't overlook them. If you have tickets to an upcoming event or a wedding invitation, pin these to the board so you're not searching for them once the day arrives. Pin up a grocery list so it doesn't get lost and everyone can add to it along with that scrap of paper on which you wrote a phone number but haven't put into your phone or address book yet. This will keep you organized and neat throughout the day. Just be sure to cycle through the papers regularly so the board doesn't become a mess.

3. Organizing projects

When working on projects, use a pin board to stay organized. You can pin up scrapbook pages or photos that you're organizing for an album so they're safe and in plain view. If you make jewelry, use hooks to pin up the pieces you're working on. Whatever your hobby, a board can keep you organized and keep pieces off your desk. This can also allow you to spread out pages and photos and other pieces so you get a better view of how the project is coming along.