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Questions to Ask When Considering a Video Camera Hire

Renting or hiring a video camera can mean recording a special event at home or for the office, without having to struggle to get everything on the small lens of your smartphone. When you are ready to hire a video camera, you may be overwhelmed with your choices. This is why it's good to ask the right questions and ensure you get the right features for the event you'll be recording. Note a few questions and topics to consider when you're ready to hire a video camera for any occasion.

1. Ask about the weight and shoulder mount design

Unless you'll be putting the camera on a tripod and keeping it in one location throughout the day, you'll want to ask about the weight of the camera and if it has a built-in shoulder mount design. This refers to a slight curve at the bottom of a camera that makes it easier to hold it on your shoulder, which is how cameras used by professional news crews are often designed.

Without this shoulder mount, the camera can rest its entire weight on your shoulder and you'll be in some pain before very long. For any camera that you'll be holding throughout a long day, ensure that it's lightweight and meant to be carried on your shoulders comfortably and safely.

2. Note if you need a wide angle lens

If you're filming a speaker at a podium you may not need a wide angle lens, but will that speaker have a screen next to him or her on which there will be graphics or notes? If so, you'll want to get them in the shot as well. For weddings, you may struggle to get the entire wedding party in a shot without a wide angle lens. If you're not sure of how these lenses work, ask the rental agency of the width they can accommodate so you know the right lens for the shots you'll want to get.

3. Ask about the card to which it records

Most video cameras today record to a card that you use with your computer, but you need to ask about the type of card and ensure it's compatible with your computer. Cards meant for a Mac may not work on a PC and vice versa, whereas some are compatible with various models of computers. Don't assume that the camera you get will have a card you can use but always ask and ensure you get one that you can use to transfer data quickly and easily.

Talk to a video camera hire professional for more information.