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Must Have Features for Your Security System

Security is a major concern for both residential and commercial properties. However, not many people know what they should look for in a security system. Rather than focusing on the price, you should have the features most pertinent to you enumerated so as to ensure that your security system meets your needs. If you do not know where to starts, here are some of the must have features you should have incorporated into your security system.

HD resolution in your security cameras

Your security cameras would be pointless if you cannot make out the images they are recording. Rather than opting for standard view cameras that can get quite grainy in low light settings, always opt for security cameras with high definition recording capabilities. Although your security cameras cannot stop a crime while it is in progress, they can be crucial to identifying the perpetrators later on. High definition security cameras can pick up the smallest details. Additionally, if you had to zoom in on the footage, you do not have to worry about the images becoming overly pixelated. This makes it much easier to pick up on identifying features that could help the authorities track down potential suspects.

DVR hard drive for your security footage

Although businesses can afford to have security personnel manning the surveillance footage round the clock, this is not plausible for the average homeowner. However, you still need to keep track of the goings on of your premises. One of the best ways of doing this is though a DVR hard drive for your security footage. A hard drive will back up all the footage being recorded religiously. This then gives you a chance to go through the footage at your own leisure. Additionally, these drives can be wiped clean on a regular basis so as to ensure they do not run out memory. If you would like to save all the footage, you can transfer it to a flash drive before wiping the hard drive. This gives you a convenient way of keeping tabs on your home, without having to worry about hiring personnel to keep an eye out on your property at all times.

Remote viewing features

Remote viewing simply means you have access to your security system no matter where you are. This access is provided online thus you can check in on your premises using any wireless enabled device such as your tablet, your smart phone, or your laptop. Remote viewing can also give you control of the surveillance cameras enabling you to turn them to a specific direction if you want to take a closer look at a particular area. All this works toward giving you peace of mind when you are away from your residence.