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4 reasons it might be worth sticking with traditional headphones

The recent announcement of the Apple iPhone being made without headphone jacks going forward has a lot of consumers wondering if they should make the switch to Bluetooth or wireless headphones. Here is a list of reasons that you might like to keep using traditional headphones.

You drop your phone a lot

One of the handy things about traditional headphones is that they tend to lessen the fall if you drop your phone. This means that even if you do drop your phone, the speed that it drops at may be lessened, and in some cases the headphones may even lock in well enough to stop the phone from hitting a hard surface or body of water. If you are someone who finds themselves dropping phones a lot, then it can be a good idea to keep using traditional headphones to save yourself phone repairs. 

You lose small things

Bluetooth headphones are much smaller, which can make them easier to lose. Often Bluetooth earbuds come in single buds, which are much smaller than traditional headphones, so they could be easier to lose if they fall out of a pocket. The best idea with any kind of headphone is to keep them in a case, which means they're less likely to get lost, but if you know that you are much more likely to shove a small item like a headphone in a pocket or a pair of jeans then if might be a good idea to avoid smaller Bluetooth headsets. 

You love to stream

Wireless technology can often suffer a problem called latency, where the sound is slightly delayed before it hits the ear. This can be an issue if you want to wear headphones while watching a TV show or movie. 

You need to charge up wireless headphones

If you are always on the go, it can be a pain to charge up your wireless headphones. Most brands operate on a micro-USB charger, but especially if you are travelling this can add another item to the large number of devices you need to charge at each stop. Traditional headphones do not often require charging unless they have a noise cancelling function. 

If you are not sure which style of headphones is best for you, you should talk to a specialist who can review your lifestyle and needs and come up with some options that might be suitable. There is a headphone style for everyone!