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Why Instructional Designers Need IT Support for Their E-learning Businesses

As an instructional designer or developer, you likely know your way around specialist learning software. However, when branching out into your own e-learning platform, it's important to have more than just specialist knowledge. Even highly technologically proficient designers can struggle to manage all the IT needs of their new business when they start up. Here are 3 reasons you should contact an IT support services company when you launch your new online school:

Enhance Your Learning Platform

Nowadays, there are numerous types of software out there that can take your elearning platform to the next level. Student verification software, for example, can help you ensure that the only person accessing accounts are the students they belong to, and allow you to conduct online examinations. Other software solutions may help manage matters related to student enrollment and registration, including records, payments, transcripts and certificates. However, many companies resist implementing new software because it's complex, and more components in your learning system mean more chances of something going wrong. With the piece of mind that IT support services give you, you can add new technological components to your platform to enhance student learning, site performance, and profit, knowing that a qualified professional will be there to help.

Prevent Data Loss Disasters

Do your elearning course teachers measure student progress with assignments and essays? If so, what would you do if all that work got lost? What about records, correspondence documents, legal papers, and all the other crucial files you've uploaded to keep them safe? Anything from a flood at your HQ to a network hack could wipe out all that data in an instant if you don't have an IT professional on your side. IT support staff can help you set up the necessary precautions to prevent digital data loss from happening and ensure that if anything physical happens, you'll be able to get up and running again as soon as possible without saying goodbye to precious files.

Support Struggling Students

Many businesses can take advantage of IT support in their own offices, but elearning businesses can also use remote IT support for their customers--the students on the platform. If a student has trouble logging into your site, submitting work, watching lessons, or accessing grades, they're likely to get frustrated. And, whether the problem is on your end or theirs, experiences like these can lead them to give your online school a bad review, affecting your future enrollment figures. Setting up an IT helpdesk for students is a great way to ensure that a professional is always on hand to help technologically struggling students get back on track.