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Why Small Businesses Need Phone Systems

When you run a small business, it can be tempting to do so with nothing more than an internet connection and a couple of mobile phones for your staff to use. However, this is nowhere near as good as deploying a proper business phone system. Phone system manufacturers are much more focussed on smaller businesses these days than they ever used to be. Why should you ditch using your mobiles and start using real business telephony? 

Multiple Lines

When you use a mobile phone as your main point of contact, you have one number and only one line that is associated with it. Sure, your phone will go to voicemail when you are using it, but this is not ideal if you have an employee free who could have taken the call if it went to another device. When you buy a business phone system you can have several lines available for customers to call in on all with just one number. When the first is being used, the next incoming call simply trips onto the next available line.

Permanent Numbers

Some potential clients are put off calling mobile phones. They might not know how much the call will cost them or are worried that it will terminate in an overseas destination. With a phone system, you can connect your business to the outside world using landline numbers. These provide a sense of permanence that reassures many customers. A business with a landline number seems so much more established than one that uses mobile numbers only.

Internal Transfers

Placing a caller on hold while you look for something or transfer them to another extension is child's play with a business phone system. This is where they really come into their own because a call that is transferred from one extension to the next within a phone system's own wiring is free. So-called private branch exchanges provide cost-free telephone calls between extensions so your team can talk to one another or transfer external calls from one location to the next with ease.

Trunk-to-Trunk Transfers

Do you still like the flexibility of being able to receive calls when you are out of the office? If so, then there is no problem doing so with a business phone system. Just set your extension to transfer inbound calls back out to your mobile if you wish. Alternatively, your team can find you when you are out and transfer callers manually to your phone directly.