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5 Reasons to Choose a Key Card Instead of Code-Based Access Control System

If you want your office to be secure, you should invest in an access control system. There are several types available, and one of the most important decisions to make is how access will be granted. Many people come down to key card vs. entry code. Both have their advantages, but here are just four reasons why key cards are a better idea.

1. Convenient Tracking

Key card entry systems don't just let people in and out – they also track exactly who gained access and when they did so. The ability to track who enters and when they entered helps you identify any wrongdoers in the event of vandalism or theft. You can also use that information to track who was working when; people who arrive late won't be able to hide.

2. Faster Access

If you're likely to have plenty of people coming in and out of your office during the day or expect certain people to have to come and go frequently, you should keep in mind that keypad entry systems can become something of a nuisance. Whenever someone wants to come in, they'll need to key in the code before the door unlocks. Using a simple key card is faster and more convenient.

3. Lower Risk of Damage

If the access system is going to be fitted outside your building, it's going to be exposed to the elements, as well as to passers-by. Damage is more likely when a code system is used since buttons on the keypad can break or wear down over time. Card entry systems tend to be more resilient.

4. Tighter Control

When you choose a key card system, there's only ever a finite number of people who can enter your office. Key cards are very hard to copy, so nobody will be able to create new ones, and you can provide someone who requires temporary access with a key card and then take it back afterwards. When access is granted via a code, someone can tell as many people as they like how to enter your office, and you can't just make people forget the code once you provide it.

5. No Memory Problems

Finally, keep in mind that access codes are relatively easy to forget. A new employee might easily let the code slip their mind, and people who only need access once every couple of days or weeks might also forget. This means people who should be able to gain entry will be stuck outside, which isn't something that should happen when you provide key cards.