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Five Awesome Reasons to Settle for Fibre-Optic Cabling

Whether you're looking to transmit electronic information between computers, servers or other hardware, you'll need a transmission medium. Data cables are used for this purpose. These cables carry electronic information signals from a source to a destination, usually over a long distance to facilitate fast and efficient communication.

If you're currently in the market for data cables for your business, you might have heard about fibre-optic cables. These cables are a modern alternative to traditional copper cables, and they have taken the business field by storm. Read on below to find out the benefits they have to offer.

1. Higher Bandwidth

A higher bandwidth is always desirable because it leads to a faster data transmission speed. 

The amount of data that can be transmitted using fibre-optic cables is by far greater than what other data transmission cables of the same diameter can transmit per unit of time. This quality makes fibre-optic cables an ideal solution for businesses that need to transmit large volumes of data in their daily operations.

2. Longer Distances

Fibre-optic cables can carry electrical communication signals much farther than the traditional copper cables. This is because the loss of power during optical data transmission is much lower than that for the traditional metal cables.

3. Not Affected by Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Because they don't carry electric current, fibre-optic cables resist electromagnetic interference. Data transmission using these cables is almost noise-free. Plus, fibre is not affected by temperature changes, moisture and adverse weather, all of which can reduce the performance of metal cables. 

4. Smaller Diameter 

Fibre-optic cables are thinner than comparable copper cables. Their smaller size really comes in handy when you need to saves space on your fiber-optic transmission system installation. Despite being thinner, fibre is incredibly sturdy. It can endure more pull pressure compared to copper and is less susceptible to breakage and physical damage. 

5. Improved Security 

As businesses embrace the reality that cybercrime is one of the biggest security threats they're facing today, it is becoming more critical to invest in a secure data transmission medium.

In fiber-optic transmission, data is transmitted via light signals. This makes it harder to eavesdrop on data transmission compared to using copper cables. This helps to safeguard your information as it is being carried from a source to the destination.

Although fibre-optic cables have their vulnerabilities, they are still one of the best data transmission media available to businesses today. To learn more about this medium of data transmission, feel free to seek out a company that offers data cabling services.