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3 Situations When Onsite Software Installation Is Applicable for a Business

For a start-up firm, reliance on the latest business tools can go a long way in streamlining business operations. From customer relationship management to accounting suites, businesses have continued to reap the benefits of internet ubiquity. That said, these different tools require updates occasionally to keep up with the current business demands. Such upgrades can either be done onsite or through the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This article provides insight into situations when an online software installation is the best choice. 

Single Physical Location -- Most businesses believe that the SaaS model is the best choice for a company operating from a single location. However, nothing could be further from the truth because it does not make sense to remotely install or upgrade an entire system that is in a single location. This can be attributed to the fact that the computer system is readily accessible from one site; therefore, you will not incur any cost with onsite installation. However, it is a different case if your business has multiple offices and systems in different locations. In such a case, visiting all these offices physically will be quite expensive and that is where SaaS flexibility proves beneficial. 

Experienced IT Staff -- Businesses store sensitive data in their computer systems and business tools. Advancements in IT have even provided businesses with the ability to store data in the cloud where anyone can access the information at any time. However, trusting such sensitive information to a 3rd party requires trust and that is why the SaaS model is preferred amongst small businesses that do not have the necessary IT staff to handle the installations. However, if you are a start-up business with qualified information technology staff, then you should go the onsite installations route. Your data is much more secure in one system under the watchful eyes of internal staff than it is on an overseas server.

Steady Growth Ambitions -- All start-ups have ambitions to grow and surpass investor expectations. It is for this reason that businesses with such ambitions usually prefer the SaaS approach of software installations. However, since you will be sharing the same server with other clients, scalability will depend upon the service provider's ability to meet clients' increasing storage demands. If this does not happen, you will begin to experience significant downtime in system performance. Onsite installations do not have these issues because you can easily add to your hardware, thereby improving scalability.

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